breatheinthefog: (existential crisis)
Kiryuu Kaoru ([personal profile] breatheinthefog) wrote2011-03-23 10:58 pm


I'm going. Let's just leave it at the fact that I can't stay.

Be careful. It's dangerous to wait around in one place for too long, you know.

(Kaoru won't be responding to this post, though you may thread amongst yourselves about her abrupt exit and cryptic not-warning. Anyone going to her room -- yes, she has a room, it just hasn't got a bed and she sleeps in the infirmary -- will find the three books she owns [one on Amicus, one a history of Reial, and one a sex ed textbook] and the bracelet cobbled together from bits of metal that Erika got her for Lunasa, as well as various flowers she received for Amicus drying on her desk. You may call dibs on her abandoned stuff if you wish, though some of you might be less inclined to than others.)

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