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Name:Kiryuu Kaoru
Birthdate:Oct 28
an angry wind ♣ kiryuu kaoru
RP journal owned by [info]friendshipbeam. Support the... wait, it's not licensed. Buy the merchandise?

Interests (43):

8|, angel's lunchboxes, bad with metaphors, beating up sky pigs, beds, bees?, blowing things up, breaking stuff, dark magical girl time, destroying the world, facepunching, fail!espionage, fightfightfight, freaking people out, fun-sized candy isn't fun, ghosts maybe, girly dbz, has never smiled, idk and idc, injuring yosuke, isshin's word is truth, kaoru never lies, lava is acid, linefacing, made of iron, mistaken for a ghost, mistaken for a robot, not caring, not fate, not knowing things, precure, rp journal, secretly maybe actually caring, sleeping in the infirmary, suddenly quality animation, taking over the world, the floor is lava, totally not cute lolis, wearing other people's pants?, what are things, what is love, what's the point, who trolls the trolls
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