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Everyone is making posts to introduce themselves to the new people. This is what you do when a lot of them appear, right? Why?

I'll make one.

Hello. My name is Kiryuu Kaoru.

That's everything.

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And what do you do, Kiryuu Kaoru?

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Oh. I'm a "cabin girl". Is that supposed to be on there too?

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Assuming you wish for others to know how to treat you, yes.

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I don't care.

/sigh she should not be this used to explaining simple things but, when you lived on the shonen ship

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You make them so the new people know who you are and what you do.

I'm Rikku, one of the mechanics!

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Because it's nice to know who you're gonna be working and living with.

[voice] forgive him, this is normal

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That can't be everything, Miss Kaoru, unless all you are is a name and a voice!

Though your name... it does mean "wind"... Do we have the west wind herself on our ship, and all you would be is a name and voice? But even so, there's all the places you've gone, what you like to blow on the most, what you're doing here... I think there are a lot of interesting or important things to know about you!


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I wouldn't say I'm the wind, exactly, but you do seem to be on the right track. Your name determines what you are?


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Unless you've named yourself, it doesn't have to mean anything! My name is Isaac, and it's supposed to mean I'm a laughing man, but I assure you I am quite the serious individual!

So what are you doing here, Miss Kaoru? You sound quite young: are you here to seek your fortune?


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If that's all you had to say, why'd you make a whole post for it?

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Everyone else was doing it.


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Zo hyu know who's part of de crew, und who's just trying to schneak on und schteal hyu schtuff.


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Why would they steal my stuff?


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I dunno. Hyu gots anyting vhat's vorth zometing, kid?


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Well, it's so that two months later if I meet you in one of the corridors, I won't stop and stare and ask who are you and make myself look like an idiot.

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Why would you look like an idiot?

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Um....because you've obviously been working onboard for a while now, and I should have noticed and I haven't?


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Nice to meet you. I'm Hisagi Shuuhei, Airman.

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You're one of the new ones, right?

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Yes. Though I am unsure what my duties entail as of yet, I hope we work well together.