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Kiryuu Kaoru ([personal profile] breatheinthefog) wrote2012-09-23 08:59 pm
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TVK Bingo fill - blue

(fill: Blue)

They really do look alike, yellow and blue aside. It makes sense, since they're basically the same, save for one still thinking it's probably a good idea to destroy the world. V/V is older, of course, or looks about nineteen or so while Kaoru still looks thirteen or fourteen. (In reality, V/V is at least four billion years old, maybe closer to five. Kaoru has no idea when she was created, she's never kept track, and she doesn't really care all that much.) The wings are another thing, but V/V only has them during the Dark Hour anyway.

Besides that, though, they look strangely the same. Some of the more offbeat captives have compared them to "colour-overs". Their hairstyles are similar -- same length, straight, no bangs, though Kaoru's is pulled back -- and their eyes have the same hollow, artificial look during the Dark Hour, where they always seem to be dilated. V/V's hair and eyes are a soft yellow, Kaoru's dark blue. V/V wears white, Kaoru grey and black. It's almost as if some cosmic force had put convenient labels on the two to make sure the island knew the younger girl was the evil one. Elizabeth claimed no knowledge when pressed for comment.

V/V doesn't notice. Kaoru notices but doesn't care. To the rest of the island, it remains an odd mystery, just like anything else here in this world.

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