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In cases like this... I should apologize. My name is DF Experiment Subject 65L. For surviving this long, I earned a codename: Windy. We all had names like that. Anyway. I like "Kiryuu Kaoru" better than either of those other names I had. Keep calling me that.

And yes, I'm a monster. I don't know what I was before that. I exist to kill and destroy whatever I'm told to. I left the facility on my own to see what the world was really like. That was how I ended up with you. You were interesting. In the end, I decided... that, even though I live only to destroy life, I myself still live, so that's... pointless. *It's almost like she's smiling, saying the word she so often overuses.*

There are more important things going on, though. I don't have all the answers you need. The oversized difference engine Hiruma looked through had a lot of things I didn't know. I do know that the others were transported from the lab and set on the damaged Badlands. I was supposed to go with them. There are two things about that that I need to say.

One. We can't let the continent be destroyed.

Two. I know I'm still hurt from the fight in the warehouse, but I can move. There's a girl my age among the experiments. She looks like me, only different. I mean, the pale skin and the way my eyes look different from any of yours.

Bright was my partner. Leave her to me.

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[Is pretty messed up himself. Thinking about sneaking out of the infirmary.]

Were you and the others supposed to finish cutting up the continent like a piece of cheese, or something?

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*She sleeps in the infirmary anyway. XD It's got beds.*

Like cheese?

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[Yes.^^ I was imagining the infirmary as divided up into cubicles, with Kaoru and Hisoka on opposite sides of the infirmary bay.]

Yeah, like....slice, slice, slice. It was a figure of speech: comparing one process to another. But maybe I was thinking of the holes in Swiss cheese. Like that hole you blew in the warehouse floor. [Being a gunner, he was impressed.]

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Like that, then. I think so.

Oh, that. It's no different from the hole I put into the ship's deck when Minato and I chased the lizard man. Did you see that? *It wasn't hard to miss, Kaoru...*

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[very quiet laugh] Oh, is that how that hole in the deck got there? I wondered. I had to go to Bydan to make sure an old enemy of mine didn't try to mess with my dad, so I wasn't there when you caught Wang Li Fei.

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I'm not even sure why I did it. Helped catch him, I mean.

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Did somebody ask you to help?

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No more than anybody else. Besides. You know I hate being ordered around.

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Yeah, I know. So, you just saw a need and jumped in?

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It's what people do when they are a part of some effort that matters to them.

[identity profile] 2011-04-20 01:14 am (UTC)(link)'re right. I do care, don't I? It's strange.

[ voice ]

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Welcome back.

[Because everything else can wait until after he's said that, right?]


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Ah, I kept all your stuff in my cabin. I guess you'll want it back, right?


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Well, considering this ship's track record, I figured it was probably better if I kept it some place where I can keep an eye on it. If it was destroyed or went missing before you came back then that would be bad.


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You expected me to come back?


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Hisoka said your message was either a call for help or a warning. That meant you cared and that you'd come back sooner or later, right? Even after we got the message from the people who took you, I still believed we'd get you back...even if we had to tie you up and carry you in a sack to do it.

[...that's called kidnapping, Ryuuki... -__-]


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I didn't think I'd ever see any of you again. I knew I shouldn't care, but I wanted to make sure you were out of the way before anything else happened.

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Well, you ain't the first person here who set out to do something pointless once upon a time. The important thing is that you're on our side now - for good.

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Didn't the first mate tell you? You're crew.

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She did. And I like this world, anyway. I don't want to destroy it.

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Hell, most right minded folk don't. It's not much of a world, but it's the only one we've got.

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If everyone died and everything was destroyed, there wouldn't be any more lunch boxes to eat or beds to sleep in or people giving me textbooks when I didn't understand something. I thought for a minute and decided... that I like those things.

Everybody else probably has things they want to do, too.