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Kiryuu Kaoru ([personal profile] breatheinthefog) wrote2011-01-01 12:20 am

[public because she doesn't really care about spamming the network]

The year's over. So I must be fourteen.


(Yeaaaaaah, Kaoru doesn't know her own birthday either. She just counts her age when the year passes.)

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Congratulations, keed.

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Is living another year something to be congratulated over?

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Sure iz. Lots ov pipples doezn't make it, after all.

[By the way, Jenka counts her birthdays the same way, to the extent that she counts them at all, so she's not surprised at the post. XD]

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That's true. Lots of people die.

You've lived a long time, right?

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Yah. But Hy didn't know dot Hy vosn't gun die early vhen Hy vos a keed. So de congratulations vos important.

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I'm not that worried about myself dying.

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Schtill, beink alive iz nize, right?

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...Yes. I didn't really care before, but I like being alive. This world is nice. The wind moving through the clouds. Lunch boxes. Sleeping in a bed. It has things like that.

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Sure doez.

Iz no point in gettink too vorried about dyink, but not dyink iz a goot ting.

Anyvun told hyu hyu'z suppozed to get cake und presents for hyu birthday yet?

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No. But I don't know when I was born, so when should I get cake and presents?

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Hy doezn't know eidder. Hell, Hy doezn't know exactly vot year it vos. Just make zumtink op. Hyu gots a date hyu likes?

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I don't think any particular day is special.

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Nah, dey izn't, but ve makes dem op to haff holidays anyvay, doezn't ve?

If hyu vants, just tink about hyu favorite day so far und make dot vun hyu birthday. Or ask somevun to pick hyu a random date. Or not haff a birthday at all, dot's fine too if hyu doezn't vant de cake. It doez get borink after a vhile.

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No. I like cake. I'll have to think about what a good day was.

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Lemme know vot it iz, hokay?

...Hy vould haff picked de day Hy ran avay from de lab on, except Hy didn't know vot date dot vos on eidder, so Hy ended op vith de day Hy first keeled somevun. Dot vos importent.

Und fifty years or so after dot Hy decided birthdays iz gettink borink und schtopped havink dem.


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Oh, is it your birthday?


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I don't know when I was born, but it's a new year, isn't it?


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Well, yes. really don't know when your birthday is?


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Nobody told me. I didn't think it was important.

Re: [voice]

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And of course it's important.


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Is this because of the cake and presents? Jenka told me about those.


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Well, there's those too! But it's also important because it's the day you were born.


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Why is that important?

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Happy birthday!

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