breatheinthefog: (level one fusion)
Kiryuu Kaoru ([personal profile] breatheinthefog) wrote2010-12-07 10:52 pm


...There are more fires in the infirmary. I was trying to sleep in there.

(Total loss: one bed, various liquid medicines, and random sections of the floor. All of this being from Kaoru's effort to stop the fire from spreading. At least she succeeded.)

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Honey, why are you sleeping in the infirmary in the first place?

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There are beds in there. I decided that I liked beds more than the floor, so I started to sleep in there.

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I can get you an actual room, you know.

Anyway, hold down the fort for now, I'm on my way.

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What's wrong with the room I was sleeping in before?

I put out one of the fires. I'll deal with the rest as soon as I can.

(...if "dealing with them" includes "putting them out with a mattress and whatever non-combustible liquids are around, and then blasting holes in the floor to deal with whatever's left".)

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Well for one thing, you ain't got privacy in there. For another, in actual quarters you won't get kicked out if too many people fall sick.

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I don't care about privacy, and I can just sleep on the floor again if people get sick.