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What do I need?

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Food? Sleep? A boyfriend?

A good therapist to help you with this issue.
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Who are you? Why do you think I need those things?

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Lieutenant Link Espirit.

And it's things everyone needs.


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Lieutenant. That's a person from the army.

I know most people need food and sleep, but what's a boyfriend or a therapist?

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Or Navy. And you are?

Uh...A therapist is a person you talk to with your problems and stuff to help you get over them...and get better so you don't stress out and feel better about yourself.

And...A boyfriend...uh.

Well...people hate to be lonely right! They are that special person you really, really like, and they like you back, and they help you figure out what you need.


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Kaoru. Kiryuu Kaoru.

That doesn't sound that important.


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Nice to meetcha.

Like, you know when your attratced to some guy for some reason? Personality, how emotional they are, the fact that they look good, and so forth, and you just want to jump into there pants, and rock their world.
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It's actually quite fun and enjoyable.


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Well, excuuuuuuuuuuse me, princess, but you didn't even know what it was. How do you you know it is pointless, unless you try.


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Well, there might be a reason for that, Princess.


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I'm not a princess. I'm Kaoru.


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Yes, yes, I heard you the first time, Princess.

Note to self: Install a sense of humor and sarcasm into this one.


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So stop calling me that. You're making no sense.


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It's a nickname.

And I always make sense.


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It's a strange nickname.

You haven't made any sense the whole time I've been talking to you.


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How is it then?

Prove me wrong~


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Because I'm not a princess.

I don't understand a thing you've said at all. That's proof.

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Everyone else would of, Princess.